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Advice: You Want to Be Brain-Googled.

Over on A Photo Editor (a blog you read, right?), there's a question about portfolios with some great insight and advice. Yes, it's geared towards aspiring photographers (which you may be), but it's helpful to us designer-types as well. Long story short: "You want to be brain googled. ... use your portfolio to make a mark on that person and their visual memory." Read more here.

If You're Interested in Illustration...

If you're thinking about pursuing a career as an illustrator (or even as a side job), consider attending the first annual Nuts & Bolts conference, sponsored by illustration mag 3x3 and aimed primarily at students. Not only will you hear from some awesome pros (Marcos Chin! Aaron Meshon! Chris Buzelli! and more!) on the more business-y side of being an illustrator (or freelance artist of any kind really), but there will also be studio tours, portfolio reviews and invaluable opportunities to network. It takes place July 9-10 in NYC and up until June 10 you can get a discount on early registration. (via Drawn!)
Not Your Typical Student Mugshots

Not Your Typical Student Mugshots

Yearbooks don't always enjoy the most favorable stereotype, but the School of Visual Arts is one of many schools who set out to change that. … MORE

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