Farewell Summer, Hello Fall!

Welcome back to all you students already back at school or heading back soon. If your summer was anything like ours in NYC, you might actually be glad the summer weather is finally almost over. And even if not, we're here to help make the fall more enticing ... we've got our annual Pub Crawl coming up on September 24 (registration will open very soon), plus all the details on our Student Design Competition and a whole lot more coming your way. So mark your calendars for the 24th and then keep checking back here for the latest details and info. Happy New School Year!

  • Yes, we're nailing down the last few details of our Pub(lications) Crawl! It's often called the Pub Crawl for short around the Committee table—pub is short for publication, get it?!—but, leave your pint glass at home; only your thirst for knowledge gets quenched, this time. We've got a great line up on tap, so make sure to register early, or you'll be left standing behind the velvet ropes, while everyone else gets VIP access.

    Here's a hint about one of the mags you can choose to visit: it's published under a different title in Australia, because its name was already taken by a lad's mag that features scantily clad women. Who is it?

    See you on the 24th!

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