Links We Love: Pub Crawl Edition

Links We Love: Pub Crawl Edition Missed out on attending today's Pub(lications) Crawl event? No worries, there's tons of great stuff online to give you a peek into the working lives of your favorite magazines.

>> Wished you coulda gone on the New York Times Magazine tour? Then be sure to check out this in-depth look at their somewhat-recent redesign.

>> Envious of the Teen Vogue tour group? Check out this Q&A with Director of Photography Jennifer Pastore.

>> Wondering what the Martha Stewart Living offices are like? Check out a photo tour of their offices here and a glimpse into their September cover shoot process here. And watch this fun little video showing the process behind a shoot of one of their other publications.

>> A fan of People magazine? Check out this behind-the-scenes video behind one of their cover shoots.

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