Pub Crawl Spotlight: TOUR A

Martha Stewart Living & Popular Mechanics

Pub Crawl Spotlight: TOUR A Martha Stewart Living & Popular Mechanics Our Pub(lications) Crawl event is happening Friday, September 24th and it's totally worth asking your teacher for a day out of class. Don't forget the registration deadline is midnight, Monday, September 20th. Find out all the details here, but read on for more info on the incredible mags from Tour A.


Martha Stewart Living •
Martha Stewart Living provides 11.2 million readers with tools and inspiration to elevate the everyday. With the publication's launch in 1991, Martha Stewart created an entirely new magazine category--her editorial vision truly changed the media landscape.

Living is edited like no other magazine with a creative team made up of category experts (designers, artists, chefs, and gardeners) not career editors delivering an authenticity that cannot be duplicated. The pages of Living are created from the idea up--we make the craft, develop the recipe and grow the garden. Almost all of the photography in Living is original, shot in-season, sometimes a year in advance. 

As Americans turn even more towards home, Living provides how-to information, recipes, tips, techniques, and ideas to add meaningful personal touches to all home activity. We teach skills that result in creative confidence in our customers powering treasured family moments that, in turn, become memories that last a lifetime.


Popular Mechanics •
Define "curiosity" and you'll understand the mindset of the Popular Mechanics reader--the hunger to know, an inquisitive interest, the desire to investigate and learn. Intense curiosity is what drives him to explore, experiment and experience a wide range of interests.

Every month, Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences the nine million curious minds who read the magazine. Each issue engages the readers with breakthroughs in the latest innovations in science and technology. It educates with informative "how-to" stories on automotive, the home and digital technology. And PM motivates curious minds to act with product reviews and comparison tests of the newest equipment and products that readers need to satisfy their many interests and passions.

In 2008, Popular Mechanics received a National Magazine Award in the Personal Service category for its "Know Your Footprint: Energy, Water and Waste" series.

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