Pub Crawl Spotlight: TOUR C

Teen Vogue & Family Circle

Pub Crawl Spotlight: TOUR C Teen Vogue & Family Circle Don't forget: This academic year, we're only holding ONE Pub(lications) Crawl event (which means there won't be one in the spring like usual). So make sure there on Friday, September 24th. The registration deadline is midnight, Monday, September 20th. Find out all the details here, but read on for more info on the awesome mags from Tour C.


Teen Vogue •
Teen Vogue is the cultural catalyst for a new generation of influential teens and young women. For 118 years, Vogue has been America's cultural barometer, putting fashion in the context of the larger world we live in- how we dress, live, socialize; what we eat, listen to, watch; who leads and inspires us. Teen Vogue follows in that rich tradition.

With fashion, style, music and more, Teen Vogue has the clothes teens love at prices they can afford, in styles they can wear. Published ten times a year, it represents the best in teen fashion through gorgeous photography, world-class styling, access to the fashion industry's brightest stars, and breaking news about health and family issues, as well as beauty tips.

The Teen Vogue reader is a young woman engaged with life through style, education, giving back (as seen in the regular Charity page), and an interest in beauty and health. Its most ardent readers even go so far as buying two copies of the magazine each month -- one for ripping out pages to paste on their walls and in their inspiration boards, and one to read and save forever as part of their "style library."


Family Circle •
Family Circle celebrates today's family and champions the women at its center. Every page provides smart, practical solutions to help moms raise happy, healthy families. With
a particular emphasis on the concerns and issues faced by mothers of tweens and teens,
Family Circle fills a void as the only family service magazine.

Family Circle delivers essential advice for tough parenting challenges; provides fun suggestions for family activities; offers healthy and delicious recipes; and showcases projects to create a comfortable home. It helps readers look and feel their best by delivering the latest health, diet and fitness news, and beauty and fashion tips.

Sign up for Tour C now! Space is limited!
  • Wow, spots are going fast! If you want to join us, and you CERTAINLY DO—this is the kind of experience you can't get in the classroom—better RSVP, now! Remember, the next Pub(lications) Crawl is a whole year away!

    Here's another trivia question, followed by the previous ones:

    Q. Which of the mags we'll visit once published a multi-part graphic novel in every edition?

    Q. Which is published under a different title in Australia, because its name was already taken by a lad's mag that features scantily clad women?

    Q. Which was started by a former stockbroker?

    Join us on Friday, 9/24, for the answers!

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