Vocab Lessons

Vocab Lessons POP QUIZ: Know what that phrase means?
If not, you should check out our Vocab Lesson series from last fall. This is where we try to give you some insider info on the terms and words you'll hear in the magazine world. Some are graphic design terms you might already be familiar with, while others are total magazine-ese ... things like spread, gutter and F.O.B. ... and no, it's not what it might sound like. Before we start this fall's lessons, let's take a look back at what we've already covered. How many of these words do YOU know?

Smart Quotes   •   Spine    •    F.O.B., B.O.B. and the Well   •   Rules   •   Gutter   •   TK   •   Flatplan   •    Circulation   •   Dummy Copy   •   Trade/B2B Magazine   •   Body Copy    •   Spread   •   Shipping   •   Cover Lines

Look for the enlightenment to continue starting next week!

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