More Pub Crawl Love

More Pub Crawl Love As you can see, our Pub Crawl attendees were jumping for joy, their tours were so good! Okay, so, maybe that's stretching the truth a bit, but as you can see in these photos and quotes, a good time was had by all...

Students on Tour A started their day with a tour of the Martha Stewart Living offices, led by Deputy Photo Director Mary Cahill (bottom left in black dress):

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That afternoon they visited Popular Mechanics' office and learned all about their iPad app from associate art director Mike Ley and John Walker:

Pratt Institute student Fennie Chow had this to say about her experience on Tour A:
"It was so great to see the inner workings of the magazines we visited. I was really impressed with Popular Mechanics' enthusiasm for the iPad and their openness in explaining their design process. And seeing Martha Stewart's vast resources was eye-opening and truly inspiring."

Students on Tour C were first welcomed by the staff of Teen Vogue, including Director of Photography Jennifer Pastore (center left in black) and Photo Assistant Mardi Miskit (center right in floral dress):


And they ended their day with a tour of Family Circle's offices, including their very own photo shoot in the in-house photo studio, courtesy of Art Director Lisa Kelsey and Meredith Photo Studio Manager Avery Powell.


New York City College of Technology student Travis Bonilla has joined us on several Pub Crawls, including this one, and had this to say:
"SPD never seems to let me down. It's great to have an organization that is specifically geared towards publications and one that thinks of their student members as much as their professional members."
See our previous Pub Crawl wrap-up post here.

Wished you could have joined us? Unfortunately you'll have to wait till next fall, but we've got lots of other great events planned for the rest of the year, so stay tuned.

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