This Is Who We Are:Jason Sfetko

This Is Who We Are:

Jason Sfetko

Having just announced our 2011 Student Design Competition rules, this week's SPD Student Committee profile-ee is quite appropriate since he himself was a competition winner. Read on to see how it helped him out.

Meet Jason Sfetko

Current job:
Assistant Art Director, Complex Magazine and

What school did you go to, and what did you study?
Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA in Graphic Design

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I think I wanted to be a professional skateboarder, but I was really bad.

How'd you get into magazine design?
Started working for my university's weekly publication, and eventually became the art director of it. And here I am today.

What made you get involved with the SPD Student Committee?
I was a student winner myself back in 2008, so it seemed natural to join the committee once I joined the workforce.

Name a current favorite font, photographer or illustrator (or all 3!)
Don't have a "favorite font," but I really like Chalet Comprime at the moment. As for photographers, too many to mention. And as for illustrators, I'm really into Siggi Eggertsson's work right now ... it's so different than what everyone else is doing.

What should students do now while in college to help prepare them for an editorial design career?
Learn how to work under deadlines. If you can do good work and create your ideas quickly, you will be an asset anywhere. Also be passionate about what you do: if you want to be a designer, study design, typography, photography, illustration, journalism, etc. Learn it and love it.

Find more of Jason online:
• Wouldn't call it a "blog," but it's a place where I collect things that I find interesting or I want to refer back to:
• My portfolio site:
• Find me on twitter at @jsfetko

Have anything else you'd like to share?
Some designers or design-related things to follow on twitter:
@spdtweets (naturally!)

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As one of SPD's many committees, the Student Outreach Committee is made up of a bunch of hard-working, fun professionals who are all about helping YOU. We thought it might be interesting to give you a little insight into who "we" are. Look for more profiles of our Student Committee members in the coming weeks and check out previously featured members:
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