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Trevett McCandliss

If you went on Tour B of our recent Pub Crawl event or attended our Fashion Talk event in February 2009, then you'll have met our next talented Student Committee member...

Trevett-large.jpgMeet Trevett McCandliss
Current job and/or projects you're working on:
Art Director, Publications, 9Threads

What school did you go to, and what did you study?
I got my BFA in fine arts from Syracuse University. After that I studied painting and drawing at the New York Studio School in Manhattan for one year. When I got a job as a graphic designer, I started taking classes at School of Visual Arts. I ended up taking a lot of classes there over the course of a couple years in graphic design, typography and publication design.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be some sort of artist. I drew a lot as a kid and even had a little magazine with my friend when we were in elementary school. We actually put out a couple issues and people at school really liked them. Someone just contacted me on Facebook recently with a question about one of our issues. I was truly shocked.

How'd you get into magazine design?
My first year of college, I was a journalism major at the Newhouse School. I was going to specialize in magazines as a writer before I decided to transfer to the art school. My plan was to study graphic design, but I ended up getting interested in painting. At my first graphic design job I was doing typographic posters all the time. When I started thinking about a new job, I wanted to do something where I could continue to do expressive typography. Magazines seemed like a place to do that.

What made you get involved with the SPD Student Committee?
I love what I do and want to help students find their way to something they love to do.

Name a current favorite font, photographer or illustrator (or all 3!)
For display type I like all the 19th century woodtype-inspired fonts like Bureau Grotesque, Giza, and ITC Roswell Four. My favorite serif text fonts are Miller and Chronicle. I also like Lino Letter. For sans text, I tend to like Gotham Narrow at the moment. It is good for sidebars and things like that. It is very well-kerned right out of the box, and it has a number of weights to choose from.
My favorite photographer is Paulo Roversi.
I tend to like illustrators that feel like fine artists.

What should students do now while in college to help prepare them for an editorial design career?
Editorial design is its own little niche within design. You have to start to understand what it is all about. The way to do that is to start looking at and reading all the best magazines. You also need to study the SPD annuals. Take all of the publication design classes you can. Start building up a portfolio. If you come to New York, start taking continuing education classes with top art directors. I would suggest SVA. Show your portfolio to your new teachers. Follow their advice. Work extremely hard. If you are really good, they will refer you to other art directors. These other art directors may or may not be hiring but they will usually have some good advice, and sometimes they will refer you to one of their friends.

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As one of SPD's many committees, the Student Outreach Committee is made up of a bunch of hard-working, fun professionals who are all about helping YOU. We thought it might be interesting to give you a little insight into who "we" are. Look for more profiles of our Student Committee members in the coming weeks and check out previously featured members:
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