Up Close with Our 2010 Second-Place Winner

Up Close with Our 2010 Second-Place Winner We're taking a closer look at this past year's Student Design Competition winners in order to give you a little motivation for this year's competition.

Now a recent grad from Ball State University, Kyle Lewis was our second-place winner in last year's competition. Like with our first-place winner, his smart self-created illustrations, a great sidebar and a well-designed second spread helped him win a $1,000 prize and the Adobe Creative Suite. (He also won an internship at an NYC magazine, but wisely turned it down for a real PAYING job.) Click through for his 2nd spread and more details.


SCHOOL:  Ball State University
LEVEL:  Senior
INSTRUCTOR:  Ryan J. Sparrow

What was your inspiration in creating your entry?
My inspiration in creating my entry came while working at the Ball State Career Center. I developed the article idea from events we held and then created the illustration to fit the theme. I've had the idea for the illustration, the bright line weaving though the dark lines, in the back of my head for a while. This seemed like the perfect time to use it. 

What was the biggest challenge in creating your entry?
The biggest challenge I faced in creating my entry was keeping it simple while making it interesting. I battled with how detailed to make the illustration without making the overall design too busy.

Did you participate in any publication- or design-related campus activities?
I was a Chief Designer at the Ball State Daily News, and I was a graphic designer at the Ball State Career Center.

What are your favorite magazines?
Indianapolis Monthly, Wired, and ESPN the magazine.

How did your internship go this summer?
I didn't take the internship, but I am currently employed full-time with Home News Enterprises working at the Times-Post as the designer and photographer.


Wanna know how you can enter the 2011 competition?
Click here for all the details.

  • Neil Jamieson

    Outstanding work Kyle! Great technique, top quality execution and as with all great editorial design it revolves around a smart idea!! You have to keep everyone up to date with new work!

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