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#33: Imagine

#33: Imagine

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
--Albert Einstein, as seen on the July page of this designer-friendly 2011 letterpress calendar designed by Fabien Barral

2011 Is Going To Be Great!

So it may seem like we've been slacking here lately, but what you haven't seen is all the work going on behind-the-scenes. We're gearing up for a spring full of great events and competitions. Save these dates on your calendar and start working on those competition entries!
And of course, have a wonderful holiday season!

Student Design Competition: Entries due March 7. Find all the details and rules here. Still have questions? Email us and we'll answer 'em here on the blog.

SPD-U March (Design) Madness: Join us March 14 for a day of awesome speakers, presentations, door prizes and portfolio reviews. Read about the details we have so far here. (This event is part of the College Media Convention.)

Student Photo Competition: Entries due March 28. Info and rules to come in January.
#32: Be Nice

#32: Be Nice

Sometimes the key to getting things done on time is having friendly relationships with the people in the mailroom, or the assistant to a photographer. It always pays to be nice.
--Megan Cummins, our 2007 Student Design Competition 2nd place winner.

Read more about what Megan learned during her prize internship here. And check out this year's competition rules and info here to win an internship (and money! and things!) of your own.
This Is Who We Are:Sarah Garcea

This Is Who We Are:

Sarah Garcea

Another long-time member of our Student Committee, Sarah Garcea has been instrumental in creating many of our events and activities. From coordinating the early days of our Pub Crawls and Portfolio Reviews, to more recently speaking on our panels, she's been an integral part of our efforts. Learn more about her after the jump, and say hello at our next event... … MORE
#31: Appreciate

#31: Appreciate

Talent recognizes other talent and shows appreciation for it, instead of envy.
 --from John Maeda's Twitter feed, via the 99%

The Ultimate How-To: Win a Summer Internship (and Work With the Pros) and More...

The time has come to put your hard work in class to use in landing yourself a killer resumé addition: a summer internship at a top NYC magazine, something that can change your career path forever. (Oh yeah, and the $2500 cash first prize, a copy of the Adobe Creative Suite, and your work published in the SPD Annual.) Entry forms for our 2011 Student Design Competition can be downloaded here (8.5 x 11 pdf here or 11 x 17 poster pdf here). The deadline is Monday, March 7th, so you have almost exactly 3 months to work up your most spectacular ideas, dazzle the judges, and land that internship!

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Q&A with Derek Eng, 2010 Student Competition 3rd Place (and HM!) Winner

Q&A with Nicole Zigmont, 2010 Student Design Competition Honorable Mention Winner

BONUS Q&A with Nicole about her Summer Internship at Complex
#30: A Touch of Color

#30: A Touch of Color

Having small touches of colour makes it more colourful than having the whole thing in colour.
This Is Who We Are:Nancy Campbell

This Is Who We Are:

Nancy Campbell

If you've attended our events in the past few years, you've most likely been the benefactor of Nancy Campbell's expertise. An organizer of speaker events like the previous spring's Fashion Talk, a frequent tour guide on our Pub Crawls and even a tour host at times, Nancy is instrumental in many of our events, competitions and offerings. Read on for more and to hear her great advice...


Good Advice: Do Your Own Thing

Over on A Photo Editor, there's a recent post about photographers using the iPad as their portfolio. While the post itself is great reading for photographers and designers alike, it was a comment to the post from Mike Moss that really caught our attention:
The worst advice I've heard in my time in photography has always been in regard to portfolios. If there are any young people reading this blog, just do whatever you want. NO matter how bad you may be at photography, there is always somebody out there that will hire you. And no matter how good you are at photography, there is always somebody out there that will think you suck. So just do your thing and go out and find the people that click with you.

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