This Is Who We Are:Sarah Garcea

This Is Who We Are:

Sarah Garcea

Another long-time member of our Student Committee, Sarah Garcea has been instrumental in creating many of our events and activities. From coordinating the early days of our Pub Crawls and Portfolio Reviews, to more recently speaking on our panels, she's been an integral part of our efforts. Learn more about her after the jump, and say hello at our next event...

Meet Sarah Garcea

Current job:
Deputy Art Director, Inc. Magazine

What school did you go to, and what did you study?
University of Buffalo for Dance, Fine Art, & Graphic Design

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A ballerina.

How'd you get into magazine design?
I loved magazines from a young age, and in my design department at college, you could do an internship in NYC for school credit. Being able to come to NYC really sold me. I met with Tom Bentkowski at Life magazine--he's from Buffalo like myself, so we hit it off right away. I also studied photography at school, so this was the perfect magazine and internship for me. Then I networked and met people along the way and have been working in magazines ever since.

What made you get involved with the SPD Student Committee?
I was lucky to do my internship at Life with Tom, he was a great mentor. So I got involved in the committee to likewise help students with their transitions into the professional world.

Name a current favorite font, photographer or illustrator (or all 3!)
It's difficult to narrow down my favorite artists! I admire the work of these Illustrators & artists, and have become friends with them over the years: Marcos Chin, Yuko Shimizu, Thomas Fuchs, Jorge Colombo, Edel Rodriguez, Zohar Lazar, and my husband Dave Byrd. I am always looking for new talent as well.

What should students do now while in college to help prepare them for an editorial design career?
In addition to doing an internship, you should design things you're passionate about. Even if it means "making up" projects for yourself. And try to design in the "real world" as well. Approach your area's businesses or non-profits, sometimes you may have to barter or work for less money, but the experience is invaluable. I still do some "free" work on the side, projects that are just for fun, for charities, or friends. And network as much as you can, or set up information meetings, where you meet with designers who you admire and just find out how they got their start etc. Flattery will get you in the door most times.

Find more of Sarah online:
I have a tumblr where I try to post recent work or projects I'm developing:

Anything else you'd like to share?
I'm open to meeting with students so please don't hesitate to contact me with questions, it may just take me a few days to respond.

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As one of SPD's many committees, the Student Outreach Committee is made up of a bunch of hard-working, fun professionals who are all about helping YOU. We thought it might be interesting to give you a little insight into who "we" are. Look for more profiles of our Student Committee members in the coming weeks and check out previously featured members:
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