Awesome Advice:

"Don't Be A D*ck"

Okay, those aren't our words exactly, but it's a good rule to follow, courtesy of typographer/illustrator Jessica Hische. Yes, we've featured her before. Many times. What can we say ... we're head-over heels in love with Jessica and her super-honest yet helpful advice. We've featured her insightful list of FAQs before, as well as her recent "Should I Work for Free?" Flowchart like most of the design blog world, not to mention her Daily Drop Cap blog, so really, if you haven't already seen this link we're about to give ya, then you're not paying attention.

Yesterday on her blog, Jessica answered the common question "How do I get freelance work?", and while her advice is spot-on for aspiring freelancers, it's also essential for full-time job hunters. Aside from some awesomely practical words of wisdom, the big takeaway in our own more conservative wording: Be Nice to Work With.

  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    Hey Joe, excellent points, I couldn't have said it better myself. As designers, we think its all about the creative work that we can offer. But that's only half of the equation. We need to be great business people too: professional, on-time, and a team player are some basics that not every designer adheres to. So if you ace these professional practices, you're ahead of many of your competitors!

  • Good advice, indeed. I recommend that aspiring freelancers follow this three-pronged strategy, which has worked well for me:

    1. Show up: both mentally and physically.

    2. Act like a grown-up: professionalism goes a long way

    3. Do the work: if you actually help them, your clients will be quick to ask you back.

    As simple as these traits sound, you'd be surprised at how hard it is to find freelancers who have them.

    For more, check out my tutorial, "Freelance Career Management: Landing Your First Gig," at Mediabistro On Demand:

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