Should You Work For Free?

Should You Work For Free? As aspiring designers (and really all of us designer-types), you probably get hit up often to use your talents on behalf of someone else for the huge lump sum of "experience" and "portfolio pieces". Sometimes working for free is worth it. Most of the time, it isn't. But what's a student designer to do when they've got limited experience to get the paying jobs? Well, check out this awesome and hilarious flow-chart, courtesy of typographer/illustrator-extrordinaire Jessica Hische. It'll be your guide the next time you get offered the generous payment of "future work". 
  • The Editors

    Ha! Mike, so true: the PLEASE DONATE button alone... this is just an exercise in NO.

  • Mike Solita

    Jessica's lettering is gorgeous --

    I love that those Dutch web guys make the "information wants to be free" argument when they've plastered a giant PLEASE DONATE button next to the stolen content

  • Mike Solita

    Jessica's lettering is gorgeous. Take a look to make yourself feel better after reading that depressing exchange:

  • The Editors

    There's a staggeringly brilliant email exchange linked below, about the way artists' work online can be re-purposed, with and without the artists' consent. Must must visit, if only to read the emails:

  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    MUST... PRINT... THIS... OUT! Seriously, its great advice [and so TRUE] and too funny.

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