Student Competition Q&A: Do I Have to Be in a Publication Design Class?

As our Student Competition deadline quickly approaches (March 7), we're answering your questions to help you figure out all the details, rules, and guidelines. If YOU have a question, email us at, and we may answer it here.

Q.jpgI'm an art student interested in graphic design and I think I could design a pretty awesome magazine spread, but I haven't taken any publication design classes. Can I still enter your competition?

A.jpgYes! Any undergraduate student is eligible to enter, no matter your major or course of study. However, you DO have to get the approval of a design professor or teacher. If you haven't taken any design classes at your college, contact a design instructor now to see if they'd be willing to oversee your entry. Don't wait till the last minute! You know how professors are. Beyond simply giving their approval, the instructor will also be able to help guide your design to make sure you're not overlooking anything that would be taught in a publication-design-focused class. And be sure to check out our Vocab Lesson series and Competition Tips to help you with your entry as well.

Download the official competition PDF here and learn more about the details here.
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