Student Competition Tips: Ignore at Your Own Risk!

Student Competition Tips:

Ignore at Your Own Risk!

Our Student Design Competition deadline is less than 2 weeks away now, so we sure hope you've got your entries started. We've got lots of last-minute tips after the jump, but also be sure to check out the last page in the official Competition PDF ... we show you all the elements that make up a great spread, from folios to sidebars, pull quotes to captions. These things aren't requirements, but you should definitely consider them. Read on for more tips and advice...

Tip #1: Your entry's 2 spreads should not both be "opening" spreads.

Tip #2: Your "story" doesn't have to end on the 2nd spread.

Tip #3: Mind the Gutter.

Tip #4: Think about the magazine this story would appear in if it existed.

Tip #5: White space is good. Consider Margins and Leading.

Tip #6: Use drop caps, subheads, pull quotes and sidebars to liven up your page.

Tip #7: Captions, credits and folios should be treated as design elements just like everthing else on the page.

Tip #8: For those of you sending in PDF files: make sure your name is on each spread in 4pt type somewhere on the page.

Tip #9: For those of you sending in actual printed pieces: make sure your entry is printed full-size and do NOT mount it to a board. Staple the two spreads together in the upper left-corner and tape a copy of your entry form to the back of the 2nd spread.

Tip #10: If you have to add a word or two to the provided headline to make it grammatical or sound better, that's okay. Just don't make up your own random headline. We want you all to use the same headline to make judging more fair and equal.

Tip #11: Make sure you keep in mind shipping/delivery times. All entries must be in our office by 5pm on Monday, March 7, 2011. There will be no extensions and no exemptions.

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