SPD-U: "Awesome" and "Amazing"

Only 2 days left to sign up for our SPD-U event happening this Monday, and only a couple spots remain open. If the session topics and super-cool speakers aren't enticing enough, let your fellow classmates tell you what they thought of our sessions from last year's event...

- "This was one of the first presentations I went to that when I left I was excited and wanted to get to work."

- "It was an amazing experience, I will definitely go to the next one."

- " I gained a much greater understanding of the process of photo shoots, and am glad I had the privilege of listening to real pros."

- "The speaker gave good solutions to design dilemmas. Great pointers and quality presentation showing how to improve a layout."

- "Everything was awesome, a definite highlight of my design event experience."

Got you convinced? Sign up now, only a couple spots left!! Registration closes Friday at 5pm.

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