The Recent Grad Report:Lauren Stine

The Recent Grad Report:

Lauren Stine

Now that you've heard from Nicole and Travis, we'd like to introduce recent grad Lauren Stine, another of our SPD-U panelists. Be sure to join us on Monday, March 14 to hear more from her and other recent grads about their internship and first job experiences. But for a sneak peek, check out some of Lauren's experience so far...

May 2010 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia

Tell us a little about your education and any magazine-related school activities you were involved with?
I studied magazine journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia, with a focus in publication design. While at Mizzou, I worked for two local publications: MOVE Magazine and VOX Magazine.

Where are you now and what are some of your typical tasks?
Currently, I am a freelance designer at Seventeen magazine. A freelance art director and myself are producing a special interest fitness magazine that will hit the shelves in April. My daily duties are to design layouts, make tweaks to previously designed layouts, silo images and do general production work such as fitting text and placing high res images.  

What other jobs and/or internships did you have before this?
As a junior in college, I interned for a summer at Food Network Magazine. Post-graduation, I temped at InStyle for 8 months. During that time, I actually left for five weeks to freelance design back at Food Network Magazine.
InStyle was by far the most responsibility I've held at a magazine. On a typical day I would do all the initial production work for the whole art staff's layouts, such as assigning text, adding graphic notes, silo-ing images, etc. On top of production work, I designed somewhere around 15-20 pages for the magazine each issue. At any given time I would be designing, art checking stories, and performing assistant-type duties.

Not going to school in or near NYC can make the job-hunt a little trickier since you haven't been here all along to make contacts and intern. Can you tell us about how dealt with that and how you got your internship/jobs?
I snagged my summer internship at Food Network Magazine while I was still in college. As the president of the Mizzou Magazine Club, I was in charge of planning our annual trip to NYC to meet magazine editors. During our trip we met with FNM, and I gave the art director a small booklet containing samples of my work and a business card. They were impressed by my ability to successfully plan the trip, so the art and photo departments asked me to come in for interviews. Through interning there and developing a relationship with the editors, I was then asked to come back and freelance after graduation.  

What do you think is the most important lesson you've learned so far?
I've learned how incredibly important it is to develop meaningful relationships with the people you meet in the industry and with the people you work alongside. In our industry who you know is everything and will be crucial in helping you find/get a job. Your talent is certainly important in finding work, but your personality will be what makes you stand out above the rest. 

As magazine designers, we're exposed to tons of great illustrators and photographers. Do you have any current favorites?
James Gulliver Hancock is a current obsession. He is an illustrator attempting to draw as many buildings in NYC as he can in a year. I am dying to purchase a print for my apartment! Also love the photographer Stephanie Sinclair: her photo essays are intense, but extremely powerful and thought provoking.

Come hear more from Lauren at SPD-U on March 14. And find her elsewhere online:

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