Show & Tell Student Jury Winners: Gallery 3

Show & Tell Student Jury Winners: Gallery 3

You've already seen two groups of the SHOW AND TELL winners in Gallery 1 and Gallery 2, and today we are pleased to present the final set of winners in Gallery 3. Come with us after the jump to see another collection of outstanding student editorial from the past year... we're already excited to think what you'll be working on to submit for next year!

SHOW AND TELL 2011: Juried Student Design Competition
This gallery represents the best editorial student work of the the past year. All submissions were put in front of a jury of respected art directors: Roger Black, John Walker and Genevieve Williams. There were no rules or categories. We asked the judges to simply pick the best. What we wound up with was a peek at outstanding student design.  Please enjoy the work of these up-and-coming graphic designers.
-- Trevett McCandliss, Creative Director, 9Threads, SHOW AND TELL Chair

D3.jpgPatrick Crowley (@pcrowl)
Iowa State University
Professor: Paula Curran

J2.jpgMinjung Lee (@mjlee1020)
School of Visual Arts
Professors: Carin Goldberg, Claudia de Almeida


Luke Shuman (@lukeshuman)
Taylor University
Professor: Ryan James

U2.pngLindsay Weitzman
Boston University
Professor: Kristen Coogan

See the other winning work of SHOW AND TELL winners at Gallery 1 here and Gallery 2 here. And be sure to come back on Tuesday for the first of two spotlight posts featuring our two TOP WINNERS, going into a little more detail about the work. Until then... huge congratulations to all our winners!

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