Student Competitions: Get Inspired!

As the deadlines for our Student Design and Photo Competitions quickly approach, maybe you're trying to figure out just want you're going to do for your entries. How about looking at what previous winners have done? Or turning to the pros for some winning inspiration. Keep reading for some handy links to great ideas ... but just remember, don't copy!! Just get inspired to create your own awesome ideas. Read on for the links.

For those of you entering our Student Design Competition (deadline is March 5th!), check out previous winners here (a few even have helpful Q&As with some tips):
2011    2010    2009    2008    2007

For those of you entering our Student Photo Competition (deadline is April 9th), check out previous winners here:
2011    2010    and here's some Q&As from the 2010 winners with tips for you.

And don't forget to check out all the past SPD Annuals featuring the best of each year's professional magazine design and photography ... you can't NOT be inspired after looking through one of them. Buy our newest version here and buy previous years here. Or see if your school library has them.

Who knows, maybe next year YOUR work will be included in these links! Get your entries going now! and good luck!
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