Ask the Pros: Are Tablet/Digital Portfolios Acceptable for an Interview?

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Today we're continuing on the portfolio topic ...

QUESTION: Are tablet/digital portfolios acceptable for an interview?

PRO: David Speranza - Design Director, Bicycling

It's ok to get my attention with a web slideshow, but at the interview stage I prefer to see stuff in real size. That's how I review my own work and the work of my staff.

PRO: Caitlin Choi - freelance art director
Yes, I've taken my laptop and done pdf slideshows at interviews. I think now the iPad is ok too, but it depends on your work. You want to be able to see it clearly. And you definitely don't want to use the interviewer's computer to go to your web site.

PRO: Anthony Clarke - freelance tablet designer
Yes, but those who take their portfolio to show digitally on a interview should also be mindful of the presentation. That aesthetic will go further than someone who just places PDFs in their tablet.

PRO: Michael Novak - Art Director, Portland Monthly
Totally. Digital portfolios are often the only thing I see these days. Perfectly acceptable. But prepare a story to go with the presentation. There should be some history to each piece of work, describe your process. That isn't to say that you should drone on. Keep it quick and tight, but provide some reasons for your creative decisions. Everyone wants to hire smart people.

PRO: Isabel Abdai - Art Director, Woman's Day
I'm not a fan. Part of what we do in magazines is still so tactile that I like an actual portfolio/book. Although if it's a tablet position or the role will be designing for the tablet, it makes more sense then.

Thanks to our terrific panel of pros for their great advice! Obviously there's no one right answer, but the more perspectives you have, the more prepared you can be.

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