Our 2012 Student Design Competition Third-Place Winner

Our 2012 Student Design Competition Third-Place Winner In case you've missed it, we've been announcing the winners in our 2012 Student Design Competition starting with first-place winner Chris Allen and second-place winner T. Leclaire. We'll be announcing more winners soon, but for now, click through to see our third-place winner's full entry, Q&A and to see who won the third-place $500 prize, Adobe Creative Suite software, and a summer internship ...

Third Place
SCHOOL: Montana State University
LEVEL:  Senior
INSTRUCTOR:  Stephanie Newman


SPD-U: What was your inspiration in creating your entry?
DOMINIQUE: A quirky mountain man with an easy smile and a lovely red beard inspired my entry. I was also influenced by vintage typography and imagery, victorian language, and hands-on applications: setting type, carving linoleum, and shooting photos.

SPD-U: What was the biggest challenge in creating your entry?
DOMINIQUE:  To cohesively combine various elements: letterpress, photography, illustration, and typography. It was a fun challenge getting it all to work together.

SPD-U: Any advice for students entering this next competition?
DOMINIQUE: Choose a subject or idea that you are really excited about. It is apparent when you put a lot of love into your work.

SPD-U: What magazines do you turn to most for design inspiration?
DOMINIQUE: Here are some of my favorites: Real Simple, Bon Appetit, Alpinist, and Kootenay Mountain Culture.

SPD-U: What's your major? Do you participate in any publication- or design-related
campus activities while in school? Or have any design-related jobs?
DOMINIQUE: Currently I am a graphic design senior at Montana State University. I was fortunate enough to receive a national silver Addy Award in 2011 for a snowboard illustration. Glassblowing is how I'm bringing home the bacon these days.

SPD-U: If you're accepting the prize internship, where are you interning?
DOMINIQUE: People magazine in New York. It will be an amazing adventure, going from the mountains of Montana to the streets of the big city.

SPD-U: If you're graduating, what are your plans for your immediate future?
DOMINIQUE: After my internship I intend to find a job in the creative field. I also plan to set up my own private studio, acquire a letterpress, and begin to build Pollinate, a creative collective that is the focus of my senior thesis.

Find Dominique elsewhere online at:
Website: dominiquefultz.com (Will be live in the very near future.)
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