Ask the Pros: Around-the-Internet Edition

Ask the Pros: Around-the-Internet Edition While our SPD pros are busy answering your awesome questions for our next Ask the Pros post (the series will resume next Monday), we'll let the rest of the Internet fill in for the week.

(And don't forget, entries for our Best of Collegiate Design Competition are due tomorrow!)

- The partners behind the Chicago-based creative studio Knoed have a great article geared towards the graphic design graduate.

- Designer Frank Chimero has a lovely roundup of random advice.

Charles Wheelan has some graduate advice most people will never tell you, over at the Wall Street Journal. (They have a Careers section that has some other good stuff in it.)

- Designer Shauna Haider (aka Nubby Twiglet) has some tips on how to get back into graphic design after pursuing other work, and much of it is great advice for recent grads on how to pump up your resume and portfolio.

- Some great info over on the Savvy Intern blog.

- One of the toughest parts of the job hunt is not getting a job you really wanted. HR Dave has some tips on how to handle it (and some other great advice too).

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