Shortcuts to (InDesign) Success

Shortcuts to (InDesign) Success Ask any designer or art director what their favorite InDesign keyboard shortcut is and 99% will probably say Command-Z. The cut-and-paste commands seem so second-nature it feels like we were all born knowing them. And losing hours of work when your computer crashes quickly teaches you the value of Command-S. But what about the command for Paste-in-Place? Or to quickly access the clipping path options? Or to change the fill color of something to none? 

Here at SPD-U headquarters, even after years and years of working, we're still learning shortcuts and tricks that change our lives ... well, our InDesign lives anyway. The more you know about InDesign, the faster you'll be able to work and the more you'll be able to look like a pro and impress your boss. 

So to help you do just that, we're introducing a new series: Shortcuts to Success. Sure, there are huge lists of these shortcuts available online and elsewhere, but who really sits down and memorizes all those? It's the ones you learn one-by-one and practice little-by-little that get permanently added to the mental list. So each week, we'll highlight a different keyboard shortcut to help you work faster, better and smarter. 

Look for our first shortcut this Thursday.

  • JJ

    My (InDesign) life has forever been changed. Thank you :)

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