Shortcuts to Success: Save Multiple Documents at Once

Shortcuts to Success: Save Multiple Documents at Once

Sure, there are huge lists of InDesign keyboard shortcuts out there, but are you going to sit down and memorize them all? We're here to help you learn some handy new ones, one by one, making it easier to add them to your mental list. Each week, we'll highlight a different shortcut to help you work faster, better and smarter.
Save All Open Documents
command + option + shift + s

This week's shortcut lets us multi-taskers save all our open files at once! So, if you have to dash to an important meeting, your hard work won't get wiped out if you trip over your computer's power cord and unplug it on the way. 

Got a favorite keyboard shortcut you'd like to share with everyone? Email it to us at and we'll include it in our series, along with your own commentary if you'd like.

This week's shortcut was submitted by Mr. Povilas Zaleskis, Freelance graphic designer, Luxembourg Commentary was brought to you by Joseph Caserto.

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