Ask the Pros: Live! Featuring... Dennis Huynh

Ask the Pros: Live! Featuring...

Dennis Huynh

Our Ask the Pros: Live! event is happening next Wednesday, October 24, and to help you get the most out of it, we'll be featuring our awesome panelists over the next few days. Space is limited for the event, so register beforehand to reserve your spot and get the discounted ticket price!

Today we meet art director Dennis Huynh, currently the Senior Associate Art Director for Entertainment Weekly (a job he just started, so he'll have lots of fresh job-hunting advice to share!)

Dennis grew up in the suburbs of Boise, Idaho and studied design at Walla Walla University in Washington state. Having grown up a school yearbook and newspaper kid, he wanted to focus his career in magazine editorial design. He spent a few years at a boutique branding firm in Washington state working on corporate communications and small publications, then moved to Cincinnati Magazine to serve as their assistant art director before moving to New York. While here, he's worked as an art director at Tennis and Cooking Light before recently moving to Entertainment Weekly.

To help prepare for Wednesday's event, we asked Dennis what was something he knows now about career/job-hunting that he wish he knew in the beginning, and he advice was spot-on ... read on to hear it and join us Wednesday to hear more! ...

1) That this industry, even more so than others, is really about who you know and who you've worked for.
2) Get okay with talking to people who are far up the rung from you. You'll find that if you are polite and respectful of their time, they may be more forthright with information than you thought they would be.
3) Stick with it--it may take a while.

Join us this Wednesday 10/24 to hear more from Dennis and all our awesome panelists. So sign up now to reserve your spot! (Tickets will be sold at the door at a higher price only if space remains.)
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