Ask the Pros: Live! Featuring... Elliot Stokes

Ask the Pros: Live! Featuring...

Elliot Stokes

Our Ask the Pros: Live! event is happening THIS Wednesday, October 24, and to help you get the most out of it, we'll be featuring our awesome panelists over the next few days. Space is limited for the event, so register beforehand to reserve your spot and get the discounted ticket price!

Today we meet designer Elliot Stokes, currently Designer for Every Day with Rachel Ray. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 2010, studying design and making a lot of posters for WUOG, the college radio station. He also made pencil drawings and greeting cards in his free time.

As a senior, he entered our annual Student Design Competition and won first place (check out his award-winning entry here), granting him a magazine internship in New York. After his summer internship at Inc. magazine, he took a position at Fast Company doing marketing design, occasionally helping with editorial pages.

Later Elliot applied for a position at Rachael Ray after thinking he belonged in editorial. He's now primarily a designer at the magazine, but frequently he makes small drawings and does title lettering as well. Sometimes he'll also do freelance jobs if they come up, for clients such as the NYTimes, Fast Company, and Nylon Guys.

To help prepare for Wednesday's event, we asked Elliot what was something he knows now about career/job-hunting that he wish he knew in the beginning. Read on for his advice ...

Freelancing is very okay.

Want to know more? Join us this Wednesday 10/24 to hear from all of our amazing panelists. Sign up now to reserve your spot! (Tickets will be sold at the door at a higher price only if space remains.)
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