Ask the Pros: Live! Featuring ... Jamie Bartolacci!

Ask the Pros: Live! Featuring ... Jamie Bartolacci!

Our Ask the Pros: Live! event is happening next Wednesday, October 24, and to help you get the most out of it, we'll be featuring our awesome panelists over the next few days. Space is limited for the event, so register beforehand to reserve your spot and get the discounted ticket price! 

Today we're introducing freelance designer Jamie Bartolacci. Since graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 2007, Jamie has worked as a freelance editorial designer, contributing to Jane, T the New York Times Style Magazine, Glamour, Conde Nast Traveler and Women's Health. At Glamour, she was given the opportunity to work on their first-ever tablet edition and has since worked on Conde Nast Traveler's and Women's Health's digital editions. Jamie also worked on SuperFreakonomics: The Super-Deluxe, Super-Illustrated Edition at Number 17 and Earth (the Book) at Pentagram. Currently she works at Rodale in the mobile design and development group, designing Women's Health for the iPad.

To help prepare for the event, we asked Jamie what's one thing she knows now about her career and job-hunting that she wish she knew starting out ... read on to find out her answer. And attend the event to hear even more great advice! ...

I wish I had known how to interview better after I graduated. I went into my first one with a bunch of books I had made and it took forever for the art directors to look through them. My ego was crushed when I went into another interview with a very well-known art director who, instead of looking through my books, simply said, "Next time you interview, you should really think about putting all of this into one book." Needless to say, consolidating my work into one portfolio instead of asking people to thumb through ten little books would have made my first few interviews much smoother.

Come hear more great job-hunting anecdotes, advice and answers to all your career-related questions next Wednesday, 10/24. We'll tackle some of the common ones first and then give you the opportunity to ask the pros your own questions directly!

Sign up here to reserve your spot. Tickets will be available at the door for a higher price if space remains.

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