Shortcuts to Success: Take The Dot Off a Lower-Case I

Shortcuts to Success: Take The Dot Off a Lower-Case I

Sure, there are huge lists of InDesign keyboard shortcuts out there, but are you going to sit down and memorize them all? We're here to help you learn some handy new ones, one by one, making it easier to add them to your mental list. Each week, we'll highlight a different shortcut to help you work faster, better and smarter.
Dotless I
option + shift + B

Sometimes, the dot over an i can look awkward. When that happens, type option + shift + B to get a dotless lower-case i.

For typography purists, who would never do this for a design element, there's actually a legitimate reason to remove an i's dot. From wikipedia: "The Turkish alphabet, which is a variant of the Latin alphabet, includes two distinct versions of the letter I, one dotted and the other dotless." 

See an example after the jump.

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This week's shortcut brought to you by Joseph Caserto

1. The i dot may look awkward if there are no ascenders or descenders in display text (headlines, decks, and type that is used as design elements, as opposed to text).

2. Type option + shift B for a dotless i.

3. Tighten the leading to bring the lines together, and the words will read more as a single element.
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