Congrats to Our 2013 Student Design Competition Second-Place Winner!

Congrats to Our 2013 Student Design Competition Second-Place Winner! Friday, we announced the third-place winner in our 2013 Student Design Competition. Today we continue with our second-place winner, Ben Grandgenett and his winning entry. Click through to see his full entry. Commentary from our judges and a Q&A with Ben will come in the next few weeks. 

Ben Grandgenett
SCHOOL: School of Visual Arts
LEVEL: Senior
INSTRUCTOR: Leslie Steiger
CATEGORY: Entertainment


In honor of his second-place win, Ben will be awarded a $1,000 prize, the Adobe Digital Suite software, an internship at an NYC magazine, and will be honored at our annual SPD Awards Gala in May. 

Come back tomorrow to see our first-place winner, and look for the top 10 and even more winners to be posted in the coming weeks.
  • Clive Langham

    While considering the first place layout exceptional, i must confess my confusion over this 2nd place layout. The opening spread has none of magazine design; it looks like a brochure or something you might find in a gallery. Seems Mr. Baldessari should be on the left on the 2nd spead, looking into the page and really, that much text on a page?

  • That picture is really simple, but it is also really powerful

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