Shortcuts to Success: Help, Quick!

Shortcuts to Success: Help, Quick!

Sure, there are huge lists of InDesign keyboard shortcuts out there, but are you going to sit down and memorize them all? We're here to help you learn some handy new ones, one by one, making it easier to add them to your mental list. Each week, we'll highlight a different shortcut to help you work faster, better and smarter.
Access the Help Menu
command + shift + ?

The Help Menu is an often overlooked resource for getting yourself unstuck when you're not quite sure how to do what you want to do. Type command + shift + ? to access the Help Menu, and type what you're looking for into the search field, or choose a menu item. See an example after the jump.


Say you want to get to the Align Panel, but can't remember where to find it. Go to the Help Menu, type align, and next to Menu items, you'll see that it's located in the Window Menu, under Object & Layout. Hover over that info with your mouse, and InDesign will open the menu, and point out the Panel's location.

Got a favorite keyboard shortcut you'd like to share with everyone? Email it to us at and we'll include it in our series, along with your own commentary if you'd like.

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