Shortcuts to Success: Get A Perfect Fit for Graphics

Shortcuts to Success: Get A Perfect Fit for Graphics

Sure, there are huge lists of InDesign keyboard shortcuts out there, but are you going to sit down and memorize them all? We're here to help you learn some handy new ones, one by one, making it easier to add them to your mental list. Each week, we'll highlight a different shortcut to help you work faster, better and smarter.
Fit Frame to Content
command + option + C

Fit Content Proportionally
command + option + shift + E

Fill Frame Proportionally
command + option + shift + C

Every graphic in InDesign has two parts: the content and the frame, and you'll often have to resize one or both when designing a layout. These shortcut triplets let you decide what you want to fit and how, and do it in seconds. Learn more after the jump.

  • To fit a selected frame around the content inside it, type command + option + C.

  • To fit all of the content inside a selected frame without cropping, type 
    command + option + shift + E. There may be some extra frame around the content. Use the first command to fix that.

  • To fill the entire frame while cropping into the content, type command + option + shift + C. This will center the content inside the frame and cut off the width or height, whichever is larger. Again, you can use the first command to fix that.

HOT TIP: You can work even faster if you select more than one graphic at a time and use these commands on them.

Got a favorite keyboard shortcut you'd like to share with everyone? Email it to us at and we'll include it in our series, along with your own commentary if you'd like.

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