The SPD-U Spotlight Shines on Michele Snow

The SPD-U Spotlight Shines on Michele Snow
Today we're showcasing the last of our 8 top winners from our SPD-U Spotlight Online Gallery Show. But be sure to check back on Friday when we reveal the runners-up. And we'll have even more work to show after that, so keep coming back!

Today we're shining the SPD-U Spotlight on Michele Snow ... she her winning piece larger and get some details from Michele after the jump.

SPD-U Spotlight Online Gallery Show :: Work #8*
NAME:  Michele Snow
SCHOOL:  Quinnipiac University
2012-2013 STUDENT STATUS:  senior, graduating in 2013
INSTRUCTOR:  Lila Carney, assistant director of student media

SPD-U: While our judges saw and judged all the entered work without any information about the pieces, we'd now love to hear what type of publication or project this piece was created for.
MICHELE:  I created this page in December 2012 for my student newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle. It's the official student newspaper at Quinnipiac University, with a circulation of about 2,000 copies every Wednesday during the school year. I was the Editor-in-Chief of the paper this past year.

SPD-U: What's one of the biggest lessons you learned about editorial design from this project and any others you may have worked on?
MICHELE: Through working on this page and others every week on the paper, I learned to first honor my original vision, but also to not be afraid of a design with a mind of its own. I was inspired by ESPN Magazine for this piece and had a monochromatic theme in mind, but after playing with color in Photoshop, the rainbow effect started to take shape and I trusted it.

SPD-U: What are you up to now? Are you currently or do you plan to pursue a career in editorial design of any kind?
MICHELE: I received my undergraduate degree from Quinnipiac at the end of the fall semester and next spring will complete my master's in Interactive Media through Quinnipiac's online program. This summer, I'm the Art & Design Intern at Boston Magazine, and I've loved learning how the design process works in a professional setting. I would love to continue working in the magazine world, and I'm seeking the opportunity to start a career as a designer.

Find more of Michele's work at:

Congrats to Michele and all of our winners. Come back this Friday to see our runners-up!

*All of our top 8 selected pieces are equal winners. They are being announced in alphabetical order. 
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