Pub Crawl: Become a Student Member and Get FREE Admission!

Pub Crawl: Become a Student Member and Get FREE Admission!

As you consider attending our Pub(lications) Crawl event (and you should!!), you should also consider joining SPD as a Student Member ... then your admission to Pub Crawl and ALL our student events is FREE for a year! (Speaking of other events, we've got a speaker panel event planned for Tuesday, 10/22 here in NYC, so save the date for that and look for details to come.)

"Yeah, but Student Membership is either $40 or $50!!! That's a whole lot more than the $15 Pub Crawl fee!" you say. Well, let's look at all you get with your student membership:

Free entry to Pub Crawl and all other student events: We usually average 4 events per year, costing anywhere from $10-15 per event. If we add Pub Crawl's $15 to 3 other $10 events, that's already at least $45 you're spending.

You also get 3 free entries in our Student Design Competition, each worth $10 a piece, saving you $30!

You get a FREE copy of the next SPD Annual ... that's the huge full-color book of all the past year's award-winning publication designs, photos and illustrations. That thing retails for $65, more than your cost of membership all by itself!

You also get a major discount on the "Designing for the iPad" online course taught by Joseph Caserto. It's usually $129, but as a member, you get it for $50, saving you $79! And knowing how to design for tablets is sure to help you in your job search.

That's just four of the great benefits you get which would originally cost you $269 ... but become a member (it's $40 for those of you attending schools outside of the NYC tri-state area and $50 for those of you in it), and YOU'LL SAVE A MINIMUM OF $229!!

Even if our poor math skills have parts of that wrong, you're still going to save a bundle. That's not even considering the 1/2-price discounts you get to other SPD events and competitions, the ability to get a greatly-reduced professional member rate when you graduate, and being able to list it on your resume and impress your hirers.

So, have we convinced you? If so, you can register for Pub Crawl AND join as a Student Member at the same time using the ticket form here.

Did you already register for Pub Crawl and pay the $15, but now you want to join? You can join as a Student Member the day of the event and get the member fee reduced by $15. Just be sure to bring a form of payment with you that day.

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