Creative Synergy Spotlight: Illustrator R. Kikuo Johnson

Creative Synergy Spotlight: Illustrator R. Kikuo Johnson As the date for our Creative Synergy event approaches (it's next Tuesday, the 22nd. Sign up now!), we're talking to each of our panelists about what they're working on and some ways they find inspiration... today we're featuring illustrator R. Kikuo Johnson, but be sure to come back the rest of the week as we meet all the other panelists too. 

So read on about Kikuo and then buy your ticket before the event sells out...

R. Kikuo Johnson

Kikuo grew up on the island of Maui. He began a career in cartooning and illustration with the release of his debut graphic novel, Night Fisher in 2005. His comics and drawings have since appeared in magazines and galleries around the world. His first children's book, "The Shark King," was published in 2012 to wide acclaim. Today, he divides his time drawing and playing the ukulele in Brooklyn, New York and teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design.

SPD:  What is your favorite inspirational site?
KIKUO:  Google image search.

SPD:  What are you currently working on?
KIKUO:  I'm currently freelancing as an editorial illustrator. For me, this means means balancing a variety of quick assignments from various publications each month with longer-term personal book projects.

SPD:  When you have creative block, what do you do?
KIKUO:  Play my banjo or ukulele for an hour or so. Take a nap. Cook a really nice meal.

Check out Kikuo's work on his site:

To hear more from Kikuo and our other awesome panelists, get your tickets for our Creative Synergy event now. It's happening next Tuesday, 10/22 in NYC. SPD Student Members get FREE entry, all others are $15. Reserve your spot here.
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