Looking Back: Our 2013 Student Design Competition 3rd-Place Winner

Looking Back: Our 2013 Student Design Competition 3rd-Place Winner SPDStuComp2014-Logo.jpgTo help you brainstorm ideas for your 2014 Student Design Competition entries (get all the details here!), we're taking a look back at this past year's winners and getting some inside scoop on how they came up with their winning work and some tips for you. Today we're revisiting our third-place winning entry, so read on to hear from winner Darby Minter ...


Third Place 
SCHOOL: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
LEVEL: Junior 
INSTRUCTOR: Denise Bosler
CATEGORY: City/Regional

SPD-U:  What was your inspiration in creating your entry?
DARBY:  The amazing food and culture of Greece (which is what the article was on) was my main inspiration. When I was doing sketches for my spreads, I wanted them to showcase how important food and sitting down with family and friends was to Greek culture. Which is how I ended up doing the bulk of my design and layout on a tablecloth as opposed to a computer screen. I think that helped make the spread more fun and inviting.

SPD-U:  What was the biggest challenge in creating your entry?
DARBY:  Executing the cinnamon and honey typography was the most difficult part. It was very tedious, and I didn't want to do it more than once. It was a nerve-racking four hours.

SPD-U:  Any advice for students entering this upcoming competition?
DARBY:  Don't decide against a good idea because you aren't sure if you could do it. Your teachers and other students can help you figure it out.

SPD-U:  What magazines do you turn to most for design inspiration?
DARBY:  I love the clean designs in magazines like GQ and W. Mental Floss and Anorak are always a lot of fun with their illustrations.

SPD-U:  What's your major, and do you participate in any publication- or design-related campus activities?
DARBY:  I'm a senior at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I'm majoring in Communication Design, focusing on illustration, graphic design, and interactive design. I worked designing posters, flyers etc. for our Community Outreach Center my junior year, along with working in our departments Print Lab. Now I just work in the Print Lab and do freelance work. 

SPD-U:  What are you up to now?
DARBY:  I interned at Sports Illustrated in NYC (Thanks to this competition! Ed Note: Darby's Q&A about that experience will be posted next week.). And now I am busy working through my senior year.

You can follow Darby on Twitter:  @darbyminter
And on Tumblr: http://darbyminter.tumblr.com  
DARBY:  There hasn't been much happening on those since I have been busy with school, but this winter they should pick up. Look out for a Linkdin and Behance profile as well!

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Got questions about the competition? Email us at spdstudentoutreach@gmail.com
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