New Work: Make It Happen Magazine

New Work: Make It Happen Magazine
In the spirit of our New Work series over on the main Grids blog, and in anticipation of all the great work you're going to be submitting to our Student Design Competition, we're showcasing some great recent student publication design in our New Work: Student Publications series. If you want to submit YOUR school pub, look for details at the end of this post.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Make It Happen magazine , produced by members of Harvard University's Undergraduate Women in Business organization. Co-Directors of the project Sadie McQuilkin and Claire Leibowicz share some of their favorite pages with us...

Make It Happen magazine is the annual publication for Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB), which is the largest pre-professional club on the Harvard campus with over 400 active members. 

The 8th edition of Make It Happen was released in October 2013, making its major debut at the 9th annual Intercollegiate Business Convention in downtown Boston, where it was distributed to over 1,000 attendees from across the country and around the world. 

The goal of Make It Happen is to inform, educate, and inspire collegiate women who are interested in any of the myriad facets of the business world. The 2013 edition explored the theme of success by featuring a diverse selection of women who have pursued their passions and found success in a wide range of professional fields. 

Make It Happen is produced by HUWIB's Communications Committee, the members of which are selected anew each year. In 2013, the Co-Directors of Make It Happen were current Harvard sophomores Sadie McQuilkin and Claire Leibowicz. Sadie McQuilkin was also the Head Designer for this edition, creating the designs for 82 of the 84 pages in the magazine. The remaining pages were designed by the 2013 Communications Committee Chair, Harvard senior Heidi Lim, who also provided invaluable leadership and guidance throughout the design and production process. 

Learn more about them on their website here:

The Make It Happen 2013 Staff included:

Editors-In-Chief:  Claire Leibowicz and Sadie McQuilkin
Designers:  Sadie McQuilkin and Heidi Lim

Heidi Lim
Cindy Niu
Taylor Vandick
Sadie McQuilkin

Advertising & Distribution: Connie Lin and Nancy Liu

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