Student Design Competition Tips

In case you haven't noticed, it's now February. Meaning our March 3rd Student Design Competition deadline is less than a month away! But never fear, it's definitely not too late to get started on your entries. Wanna make them winners? Then be sure to follow the guidelines in our downloadable Call for Entries PDF and check out additional tips below. Click on each tip to get more details and examples and find all the competition details here. We'll be posting even more in the coming weeks.


1. Your entry's 2 spreads should not both be "opening" spreads. Get details on this tip here.

2. Your "story" doesn't have to end on the 2nd spread. Get details on this tip here.

3. Mind the gutter. Get details on this tip here.

4. Think about the magazine this story would appear in if it existed. Get details on this tip here.

5. White space is good. Get details on this tip here.

6. Use drop caps, subheads, pull quotes and sidebars to liven up your page. Get details on this tip here.

7. Captions, credits and folios should be treated as design elements just like everything else on the page. Get details on this tip here.

In addition to these tips, be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the main competition page here for even more details. And watch us here on the blog for even more great advice and to see who this year's judges will be.

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