Missed Our Event Last Night? You Also Missed Out on Getting a Job!

Missed Our Event Last Night? You Also Missed Out on Getting a Job! We had a great discussion last night at our "I'm Graduating: Now What?" spring speaker event about finding work, whether it's full-time, freelance or personal side projects. Panelists Erin Jang, Derek Eng, Kristie Bailey, Brett Affrunti and T Leclaire were super generous in sharing their experiences and giving our audience their tips and advice, and attendees walked away with multiple ways to get that job or freelance gig.

Not only that, they also got a chance at getting that job literally last night thanks to a design pro in our audience who was looking for a junior designer at his big-name magazine and asked all interested there to chat with him. Audience members also got to chat directly with our panelists at the end, we raffled off numerous books, and all attendees got fun handouts, flyers and a discount code to use on Joseph Caserto's online freelancing course. Definitely not an event to miss, but if you did, you can get a few juicy tidbits by checking our live-tweeting over on our Twitter feed @SPDstudents

Thanks to all of you who joined us and a HUGE thanks to our host sponsor Wix.com ... if you're in the city, don't forget you can use their Wix Lounge (the same space we held our event) during the day as a home base between interviews or freelance jobs. And if you don't have an online portfolio yet, definitely check out the Wix templates ... they're super easy to use and tweak to what you want.

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