You Ask, We Answer: About Those Portfolio Reviews!

You Ask, We Answer: About Those Portfolio Reviews! Q.jpgI really want to come to your Portfolio Review event, and I DO want to try for magazine jobs once I graduate, but I don't have hardly any editorial pieces in my portfolio. Does that matter?

Nope! It doesn't matter! If you have ANY interest in pursuing jobs in magazines or other editorial design work, then whether you have tons of editorial pieces in your portfolio or none, this is the perfect event for you. Read on to find out why...

Your instinct is right: if you're applying for a magazine job, the reviewer is going to want to see some editorial design work. But that's not what our Portfolio Review event is all about. Our reviewers are there solely to look at what you DO have and give you advice on how to tweak and improve that stuff to go after those magazine jobs. They're not there to judge you and they're not there to hire ... of course, we pros always have our eye out for good future employees! But that's not why they're participating in this event; the event exists only to help you. 

So no matter what state your book is in and no matter how many editorial design pieces you have, bring it! We want to help! Get all the details and reserve your spot here. SPD Student Members get free entry and have early registration thru Sunday. On Monday, March 31, registration opens up to everyone and general admission is $15. You'll get reviews with at least 2 different reviewers, which will give you a variety of perspectives and advice. Hope to see ya there! 
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