Five Questions for Gabrielle Revere, Photographer

Ever looked at a magazine's masthead and wondered just what do all those job titles actually mean? What does a photo producer actually do? Does a deputy art director get a shiny badge? And why are some people creative directors and others design directors? 
Our blog series "Five Questions for..."  is here to help answer those questions and give you insight into working in the world of publication design. Is there a particular job that you want to know more about? Email  us at and we'll find an expert who does it. They'll give you their take, and then it's up to you to put their advice to work. Read on to find out what being a Photographer is like for Gabrielle Revere.

The Pro's Work




About the Pro
Gabrielle Revere
Degrees Earned: AAS Photography, BFA Photography
Twitter: @gabriellerevere 
Instagram: @gabriellerevere 

1. Imagine you're talking to someone who has never heard of your job. How would you describe it to them?
By description, my specialties are beauty, fashion, and celebrity photography. I also contribute my craft to as many philanthropic endeavors as I possibly can. My work can be seen in publications, galleries, television documentaries, and advertising campaigns.

2. What about your job makes you love it?
I love my job because I am in a constant state of movement and change. Everyday is a new chapter. I love the feeling of connecting to an individual and giving them a platform to express and explore their deepest emotions, fears, and desires.

3. What do you think of as the big break in your career?
I began my career as an independent photographer in 2000, and shortly there after was voted one of PDN's 30, a listing of top photographers in the world under 30, by PDN, Photo District News.

4. What is your biggest professional mistake or regret?
I am not a fan of the words mistake and regret. Life is a process. We live, and hopefully, we learn and become a better person because of it, in all aspects of our existence.

5. What advice or parting words do you have for anyone who wants to do what you do?
My best advice is, and has always been, to never give up. Believe in yourself even when others do not. Listen closely and absorb constructive criticism like a sponge. Identify and build your craft, and pursue the proper outlets. Create a simple, well designed website which is easy to navigate and works on all platforms. The job of a working artist is not something to be taken lightly. Be ready to sacrifice and stretch yourself in directions you have never imagined. And, most importantly, only pursue a career in the arts if you are 10,000 % invested on all levels, regardless of the outcome.

Is there a particular job that you want to know more about? Email us at and we'll find an expert who does it. They'll give you their take, and then it's up to you to put their advice to work. 

"Five Questions for..." is edited by Joseph Caserto

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