New Work: Epic Magazine

New Work: Epic Magazine
In the spirit of our New Work series over on the main Grids blog, and in anticipation of all the great work you're going to be submitting to our SPD-U Spotlight Juried Online Gallery Show, we're showcasing some great recent student publication design in our New Work: Student Publications series. If you want to submit YOUR school pub, look for details at the end of this post.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Epic Magazine, a general interest publication produced by students at Robert Morris University in Chicago in collaboration with RMU faculty and staff. Project Manager and Creative Director Carolyn Pavelkis shares some of her favorite pages with us...

  • iPad version of the cover
    iPad version of the cover
  • iPad version of a photo story
    iPad version of a photo story
  • iPad version of a page
    iPad version of a page

From travel to politics to sustainable living, Epic entertains, inspires and educates. With interactivity and award-winning design, the Epic 3 staff has developed an entertaining and thought-provoking issue, featuring topics ranging from health and sustainable living to the debate over the legalization of marijuana and the art of tattoos. In the cover story, "All that Remains," Editor Richard Connolly documents several under-appreciated parts of the Midwestern landscape, and Epic contributor Jenny Jocks-Stelzer rationalizes her love of canning in, "Eat What You Can, Can What You Can't." Also featured is this issue: healthy eating on a budget, surviving doomsday, and the perks of being left-handed.
Epic Magazine is published by Robert Morris University's Integration Center in association with the Institute of Art & Design. It is a general interest publication produced in collaboration with RMU students, faculty and staff.

You can also download previous issues for your iPad here. This issue will be available soon as well.

The Epic Magazine 3 Staff included:
Editor in Chief:  Richard Connolly
Designers:  Keith Mayer, Tammy Priola, Matt Theodosopoulos
Photographer:  Richard Connolly
Faculty Project Manager/Creative Director: Carolyn Pavelkis
Faculty Contributors: Carolyn Pavelkis, Paul Gazak, Jenny Jocks-Selzer
Faculty Editor: Jenny Jocks-Selzer

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