SPD-U Spotlight Q&A: What About Digital Magazines?

SPD-U Spotlight Q&A: What About Digital Magazines? Q.jpg
I created some tablet magazine designs for a class. Can I enter those in the SPD-U Spotlight

Yes! We definitely welcome and invite any type of digital designs whether for a tablet, mobile or web, as long as they are editorial products. 

In regards to submission specifications, obviously if just one screen works, that's great! But if you have a long page that scrolls down/across and doesn't have a natural division point to crop it at, you can submit that in its entire length as 1 entry. If you have a design that spans across 2 or 3 tablet screen views but is designed as a visual unit, much like a print spread, you can submit that altogether as 1 entry as well. 

Use your best judgement as to what would be the equivalent to a spread in print and submit that. If we have any issues with it, we'll edit it as we see fit or contact you to narrow it down.

You can also comp together several images if you need to show hotspots/pop-ups/roll-overs. Just be sure to keep the images to the size specs in the Call for Entries. 

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