Spotlight Entries Due TODAY! Some Final FAQs Answered

Spotlight Entries Due TODAY! Some Final FAQs Answered The clock is counting down to our 5pm deadline today for our SPD-U Spotlight. As the deadline nears, we've gotten some questions that might be helpful to those of you trying to finish prepping your entries:

Q: My project has more than 3 spreads. Can I submit the whole project as 1 of my entries?
SPD-U: No. Each entry can only be a single page, or a double-page spread. No more than that. So if you designed a story or whole publication that has more than 3 pages or double-page spreads, then pick your best 3 pages/spreads of those and enter each of them as 1 entry. If you submit more than 3 single page or double-page spreads, we will select the first 3 pages/spreads you submit as your entry and ignore the rest. It doesn't matter if the pages/spreads you enter don't seem to make sense content-wise by omitting the other pages. Our judges are evaluating each page/spread as a single entity based on its design and will overlook any confusion on content.

NOTE: If you have a whole publication that you designed for a school organization or class (a yearbook, campus mag, literary mag, zine, newsletter, arts journal, etc), we'd still love to see that! But you would need to submit that to our New Work: Student Publications series instead. All Spotlight entries are limited to a single page or double-page spread. To submit your complete publication to our New Work series, get the details here.

Q: When you say 3 entries, does that mean 3 entries per student? Or per teacher?
SPD-U: Per student. Each student is allowed 3 entries. All 3 entries must be approved by their teacher or school official. Teacher/school officials can approve as many of their students' entries as they're willing to sign off on, no limits.

Q: Can I enter one spread from one project and another spread from a different project? Do the entries need to be related
SPD-U: No, your entries do NOT need to be related. In fact, every single entry will be seen randomized with all the others for each judge, so each entry is seen as a single individual piece and no one will see all 3 of your entries in a row (in addition, all entries are seen anonymously without any identifying info). So yes, it's perfectly fine for your 3 entries to all come from different projects.

Q: Can I submit the "jump" spread (2nd spread) of a story or do I have to submit  the opening spread?
SPD-U: Yes! You can definitely submit the "jump" spread or ANY page/spread from ANY part of your story/publication. If you did a great infographic or sidebar or just love what you did on your story's 2nd or 3rd spread, then definitely enter that regardless of whether you also enter the opening spread. Every entry will be seen individually by our judges, so it's really all about what designs do their jobs best, regardless of where they fall in the story. Our judges know publication design well, so they'll be able to overlook any confusion about the content/story as they judge your design. 

GOT MORE QUESTIONS? Be sure to check out more of our FAQ here on the main info page or email us at We'll do our best to respond quickly, but remember the deadline is 5pm TODAY, so better to use your best judgement based on the info we've provided and get your entries in on time rather than wait for us to answer. 

Judging starts next week and all winners will be notified by July 1. We'll then announce the winners here on the blog in the days following.

Good luck!!

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