The SPD-U Spotlight Shines on Kaeli Wood

The SPD-U Spotlight Shines on Kaeli Wood
We're happy to showcase the third of our 9 Gold Medal winners today from our SPD-U Spotlight Online Gallery ShowOur super-amazing team of judges had an extremely difficult job choosing the winning work, so thanks to all of you who entered and congrats on all the great work you're doing!

We'll be featuring one Gold Medal winner a day -- in RANDOM order, they are all equal winners -- until we show all 9, then we'll showcase our Silver Medal winners. And that's not it! Because the work was so strong, we also have a 3rd category of Merit Winners, which we'll reveal later, on our SPD-U Tumblr page. So be sure to keep checking back in with us to see all the awesome work.

Today we're shining the SPD-U Spotlight on Kaeli Wood ... see her winning piece larger and get some details from Kaeli after the jump.

SPD-U Spotlight Online Gallery Show :: Gold Medal Winner C*
NAME:  Kaeli Wood
SCHOOL:  Brigham Young University
INSTRUCTOR:  Adrian Pulfer

SPD-U: While our judges saw and judged all the entered work without any information about the pieces, we'd now love to hear what type of publication or project this piece was created for.
KAELI:  This project was created for my Publication Design class with Adrian Pulfer. He asked us to find a publication with content we appreciated but design that needed refreshing. The Wild magazine has a good foundation based upon highlighting art, fashion, music and world issues. I wanted to push it further by adopting contemporary design influences from Scandinavia and Japan.

SPD-U: What's one of the biggest lessons you learned about editorial design from this project and any others you may have worked on?
KAELI: The little details-what type you use, every piece of scrap-make a big difference in how you tell the story of the publication. Also, a strong grid can provide great structure but editorial design doesn't have to follow set rules. For instance, I placed large page numbers on the center of the page instead of in the bottom corners. Once I realized that there's no rulebook, it opened a lot of doors for me.

SPD-U: What are you up to now? Are you currently or do you plan to pursue a career in editorial design of any kind?
KAELI: I recently graduated and am freelancing for Hint Creative in Salt Lake City. I love designing in print, and see myself doing a lot more with catalogues, book design and art direction. In the long term I'd love to open a design studio with my husband Sam Wood (and fellow Spotlight winner!).

Find more of Kaeli's work online at:

Congrats to Kaeli and all of our winners. Come back tomorrow to see the next winning piece.

*All of our top 9 Gold Medal winners are equal winners. They are being announced in random order. Silver Medals and Merit Winners will be shown later.
**Any piece created from June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014 was eligible for entry, therefore some of the winners may now be graduates.

And lastly, a HUGE thanks to our judges: Claudia de Almeida, Sean Johnston, Coco Lloyd, Michele Outland, Stravinski Pierre and Hector Sanchez.
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