#TBT: SPD-U Throws it Back to 1997 Student Competition Silver Medal Winner Yarrow Earth Hock

#TBT: SPD-U Throws it Back to 1997 Student Competition Silver Medal Winner Yarrow Earth Hock 50th-Small.jpgAs part of SPD's 50th Anniversary celebration, we're looking back at our past Student Competition winners (see galleries of past winning work here on the blog each Wednesday). A few of them were kind enough to speak with us about what they've been up to since their wins and how the competition affected them. 

In 1997 as part of our 3rd Student Competition, Yarrow Earth Hock won a Silver Medal of Excellence for his work as a student at the School of Visual Arts under instructor David Carson (see his award-winning work below as well as in the full gallery of winners here). 

Hock's exceptional work over the years is quite the inspiration. Spanning across printed mediums, branding, packaging design and digital work, he always has the quality of his work in mind. Hock currently resides in Los Angeles along with his Emmy award-winning wife, Laura Keseric, and a daughter who loves to write and illustrate her own stories (perhaps a future SPD-U competition applicant)!  We caught up with him to see where life has taken him since his SPD Student Competition Silver Medal win back in 1997 ...

Image above: logo, branding and product development for Leilani Bishop fragrance oil

Yarrow's Silver Medal-winning design from our 1997 SPD Student Competition
(click on image to see larger version)

SPD-U: What are you currently up to and how can you best describe your work?
YARROW EARTH HOCK: My job is "making art, work." This daily mantra helps inspire me to create everything from printed and digital publications, production design, illustration, music packaging to brand development, commercial art direction, contemporary fine art consulting, and even my own fine art sales. I love what I do and being able to share it with the world is equal parts exciting and gratifying. 

CD packaging design for Poe/Atlantic Records

SPD-U: What do you consider the greatest achievements thus far in your career?
HOCK: A truly defining moment in my career was beginning to work with WOMEN FOR THE WORLD, a 501c NFP. My goal is to maintain a trusted relationship with this client and then parlaying this relationship into inspiring the owner to collaborate in creating a for-profit product. For example, Leilani Bishop's fragrance, which funnels a percentage of the proceeds into her NFP.

75-page perfect-bound promo piece for photographer Christopher Wray-McCann

SPD-U: What advice would you give someone trying to get into the industry now? 
HOCK: A. Be a responsible designer and facilitate the needs of your clients 
B. Never start a freelance/contract job without a contract or written agreement outlining: The worth of your services, what it is you are delivering, when you are delivering it. A policy on revisions, studio costs/day. And a termination-of-contract clause for any reason with a non-refundable 50% down payment upon delivery of your first round of designs
C. Strive for authenticity.
D. If the client is undercutting your day rate, be diligent about keeping the ego in check and continue with your own high standards of professionalism.

SPD-U: Anything further you'd like to add?
HOCK: It was such an honor to be included in the SPD annual. As an SVA student, it gave me the confidence I truly needed to successfully interview and start my career.

SPD-U: A huge thanks to Yarrow for talking with us! 

You can see more of his work at: 
PORTFOLIO SITE:  yarrowearthhock.com

Be sure to check back in with us every Wednesday this fall for more galleries of past Student Competition work, and every Thursday for more Throwback Thursday interviews with past winners. And look for details about this year's competition here (they'll be available soon!).

#TBT series produced and edited by Jamie Feld and Alyssa Clare Hoersten
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