Soooo...Do Any of You Use Facebook Anymore?

Soooo...Do Any of You Use Facebook Anymore? Okay, so we'll admit it ... even though we have some wonderful, lively, fresh-out-of-college members here at official SPD-U Headquarters, our collective age is quite a bit older. And like most people past a certain age, even though we feel young and still like to think we just graduated, we have to come to terms with the fact that we honestly have no idea what you cool kids are up to. 

So we decided to ask you! We've heard the reports that college kids aren't using Facebook so much anymore, but is it true? What about Twitter? Tumblr? Instagram? And all the other newfangled social media things we old folk know nothing about? 

We're about to announce the rules for our 2015 Student Design Competition and we've got some other great stuff in the works that we want to share with you, not to mention job and internship alerts ... how do we tell you about this stuff? 

Take our Social Media/Correspondence Survey to tell us (it only takes a few minutes) and you'll be entered to win a set of SPD Annuals!!! We'll be giving away FIVE sets of 4 annuals -- that's FOUR of our hard-cover, full-color, glossy books showcasing that year's best magazine design, photography and illustration. Fill out the survey now to get your shot at winning this instant SPD library!

You CAN fill out this survey anonymously, but to be eligible for the prize, you must complete the required parts of the survey and submit your name, school info and email address. To be eligible you must be either a current student or have graduated in the past two years. The survey will remain open until the raffle occurs on Monday, January 5, 2015 -- deadline extended until midnight, Monday, January 19, 2015. The winner will be announced here on the blog by Monday, January 12, 2015 Monday, January 26, 2015. Questions? Email us at

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