Announcing our 2015 Student Design Competition Judges!

Announcing our 2015 Student Design Competition Judges! As our 2015 Student Design Competition deadline quickly approaches (Monday, March 23!!), we'd like to take a moment to introduce our amazing panel of judges! These are the folks who will be looking at each and every entry submitted and making the super-hard decision as to which ones rise to the top. 

Even if your entry isn't a top winner, you should still feel good knowing your designs are being looked at by these talented people. Once the final selections are made, many of the judges go back to look at some of their other favorite designs to see who created them ... and trust us, art directors don't forget the names creating work they like! So get your entries in now to get YOUR work in front of their eyes. 

2015 Student Design Competition Judges
- THOMAS ALBERTY  Design Director, New York magazine
- MARC DAVILA  Art Director, Departures
- CHRIS DIXON  Creative Director, Vanity Fair
- JENN McMANUS  Art Director, Martha Stewart Living
- DAVID SCHLOW  Creative Director, Men's Journal

Also, a huge thanks to GQ Creative Director Fred Woodward and GQ Designer Martin Salazar for our 2015 Student Design Competition Call for Entries poster and graphics.

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