Congrats to our 2015 5th-place Student Competition Winner!

Congrats to our 2015 5th-place Student Competition Winner! We're continuing the announcement and showcase of our top 6 winners in our 2015 Student Design Competition (our 17th!!). Today we're featuring our 5th-place winner Kiersten Garner. Click through to see her complete design and a short Q&A with her...

5th-KierstenGarner-2.jpg(Click on image for larger view)

Fifth Place
SCHOOL: Weber State University, Utah
LEVEL: Senior
CATEGORY: How-To magazine

SPD-U: What was your inspiration in creating your entry?
KIERSTEN: I love doing anything outdoors, so I thought it would be fun to take something that I enjoyed and turn it into a "how to". I wanted to take a different approach to the fishing publication than what would normally be seen in a fishing magazine. I wanted to make it into something fun and eye catching, and that would be open to several different audiences.

SPD-U: What was the biggest challenge in creating your entry?
KEIRSTEN: The biggest challenge for me was making sure that all of the information and steps fit on to the second spread. There are a lot of elements that needed to be on those two pages, and it took a little while to figure out how I wanted everything to work together.

SPD-U: Anything you learned or advice to share for students entering future SPD Student Competitions?
KIERSTEN: Do something that you love and that you are interested in. I had a lot of fun working on this publication because I enjoyed learning about my chosen topic, and I have a passion for illustration. The competition is very open to what kinds of things you can do, so you might as well pick something you know you are going to have fun with.

SPD-U: What's your major/field of study?
KIERSTEN: Visual Communications (Graphic Design).

Find Kiersten online:

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