Congrats to our 2015 6th-place Student Competition Winner!

Congrats to our 2015 6th-place Student Competition Winner! We're excited to announce and showcase the top 6 winners in our 17th Student Design Competition, starting today with our 6th-place winner Joyce Pfeifer. Click through to see her complete design and a short Q&A with her...

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Sixth Place
SCHOOL: Norwich University of the Arts, UK
LEVEL: Senior
INSTRUCTOR: Glen Robinson
CATEGORY: How-To magazine

SPD-U: What was your inspiration in creating your entry?
JOYCE: I'm an overseas student, so I spent a fair deal traveling over the last few years. I got pretty good at packing for the journey. Maybe a little too good, because I end up packing a few hours before I head to the airport. I found that choosing the right bag for the right occasion makes a big difference, so I thought I'd create a little field guide.

SPD-U: What was the biggest challenge in creating your entry?
JOYCE: It was tricky to compile the different types of information in a way that flows well. I needed to work out quite a bit of information hierarchy with type and image.

SPD-U: Anything you learned or advice to share for students entering future SPD Student Competitions?
JOYCE: Have fun with it. Do something that you care about. This was a great opportunity to bring some of my personal illustration work into my design portfolio, as I had complete aesthetic freedom with this.

SPD-U: What's your major/field of study? And do/did you participate in any publication- or design-related campus activities throughout your college years?
JOYCE: I study Design for Publishing, so my course has been an extravaganza of editorial and publication design. I always look out for opportunities to get some interesting collaboration going, and luckily I am surrounded by talented people with big ideas, so I got to work on quite a few design and publication projects.

Find Joyce online:
FACEBOOK:  joyceofalltrades
INSTAGRAM:  @joyceofalltrades

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